Personality Development program for kids to make them future ready. It covers English, Science, General Knowledge, Basic Math & Project and Activity based learning.

i-KID is a personality development program for kids. Basically it focuses on English language & real activity based learning's. Children experience their learning with real environment, through outdoor visits, projects, videos & activities. The major objective is to raise their overall IQ and understanding. This course helps them to face future challenges and make them future ready. i-KID is a fun packed program & allow them to explore & do what children always wanted to do.

English Only Environment + IQ + EQ + GK + Stage Speaking + Fun Games

Benefits of having a high IQ

Better IQ guarantees better future

Having a high IQ is very important in this ever changing complex modern world which requires high performance from all of us. High IQ is required for the following reasons

It has been proved scientifically that 80% of our brain development happens till the age of 14 years & rest keeps developing thereafter through life experiences. The mental ability of this age can improve or decline on a far greater scale than previously thought. A guided discovery of thoughts may help them grow better.

  • General adaptability to new problems in life.
  • Ability to engage in abstract thinking.
  • Capacity to acquire knowledge and apply knowledge.
  • The ability to judge, understand and reason.
  • High Income in one’s job or business
  • High grades in School Examinations.
  • High possibility of clearing tough entrance exams.
  • Highly Effective & Efficient performance

Sub-concious benefits of i-KID program

  • Help Kids Find A Way To Tell The Truth
  • Insist That Children Make Amends
  • Encourage Them To Take On A Challenge
  • Teach Them To Think About Others' Feelings
  • Be Generous With Your Affection
  • How To Handle Meltdowns, Storms, Rages
  • Teach them to Learn From Everything
  • To Practice Tolerance Over Anger
  • Motivate to Develop Contacts And Network
  • Inspire To Lose (and Win) Gracefully
  • It makes complicated learning easy, fun filled & make them aware.

Features of i-KID Program

  • Personality Development Program for Kids
  • Stress Free and Fun Learning
  • Logical and Out of Box Thinking
  • Permanent Gain in Knowledge
  • Real Activity Based Learning
  • Debate, Discussions and Quiz
  • Stage Speaking
  • Specialized General Knowledge
  • General Awareness
  • Learning Through Real Life Project
  • Special Focus on English Language speaking

Despite the enormous capacity of the brain, we only use on an average 2% of our potential brainpower. There is, Therefore, the potential to expand our brainpower considerably still exist specially in case of children below age 14 years